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Conquered In Corregidor, Unconquered As Hero by Jon Meade

Jon Meade, Author of World War 2 Books, Brings an Engaging Story to Life

With a title like “Conquered in Corregidor, Unconquered As Hero,” you know that Jon Meade’s new book is going to be a gripping and emotional tale about the Philippines in the Second World War. Jon, an author of World War 2 books, wrote this biography of his uncle, who was captured and participated in the Bataan Death March. It goes beyond a war story and illustrates principles the United States of America stands for.

 This is the story of his uncle’s combat, capture, and survival in the Philippines and Japan war. It expands through the addition of Jon’s observations and investigations he compiled during a trip to the Philippines in 2016.

Jon takes the details of his uncle’s wartime experience and uses them to encourage people to get the most out of their lives. The message is this: “Do whatever you do the best you can, and give it all you got!” The biography vividly illustrates this concept.

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WWII Biography in the Philippines

About Jon Meade

Jon Meade has always been a storyteller and began writing in 1972. The former United States Marine served in Vietnam and lives in Tucson, Arizona. He pours his heart into every word to stir readers’ passions and evoke critical thought--his combination of wartime experience and memorable characters and inspirational stories is uniquely engaging. As a public speaker, he delivers messages with the same passion. And, as an author of World War 2 books, he looks up to fighters who have the heart to stand up for themselves and others.

Jon’s book “Conquered in Corregidor, Unconquered As Hero,” is a tribute to people of the Philippines, as well as the veterans who served there. This book leaves a deep and lasting impression with new realizations and ideas for each reader. It is revealing and thought-provoking; you won’t forget this story and may come to view it as one of the most unusual you’ve ever read.

“Conquered in Corregidor, Unconquered As Hero” will interest historians, WW2, and Vietnam veterans, and the families of those who served. Filipino and American families who have an interest in the culture of the Philippines will also revel in this book and learn a great deal.

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