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Discover Jon Meade & World War II History

If you love war stories and World War II history, you're sure to appreciate Jon Meade's new book "Conquered In Corregidor, Unconquered As Hero." Jon is retired in Tucson, Arizona, and he has a bachelor's degree in journalism. He is also a former United States Marine and Vietnam War Veteran. "Conquered In Corregidor, Unconquered As Hero" is Jon's second book. His first book "Confessions of a Surviving Alien -- A Partial Memoir of Vietnam" was published in 2016.

Jon Meade On a Path in a Garden

Living a Dream With Passion

It took Jon 66 years to start writing his first book. Now that he has published his second book and lived his dream and his passion, he claims his fondest wish is to die while typing on his keyboard.

Jon's first two books are war-related. He writes stories about people who never give up and people who are willing to fight. His personal belief is that each of us is given a life worth fighting for, not just at war, but also here at home as parents and friends who care. If you don't fight for life, you don't have a life.

Jon has written diverse and richly detailed stories. He loves humor, emotion, and passion. He also loves strong and weak characters, a diversity of plots, and romantic stories. He writes about people who come from behind to accomplish amazing things. Jon is into fitness and has edited and contributed to fitness magazines. He also worked at a community college as a communications specialist designing manuals and as an information director for a government agency.

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A Japanese ammo cave used in the war Jon poses next to a massive mortar on Corregidor Defender Bataan Corregidor Sign Jon stops en route on his 2nd march following the Bataan footsteps

Book Three Coming Soon

Jon enjoys writing nonfiction and true stories, and there is great diversity in his approach. He is currently working on a third war-related story that is fictional. Contact Jon today free to email about public speaking engagements. People easily relate to him as a real and genuine person. He is also available for book signing events in a wide range of venues.