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Photo Gallery of the History of World War II

The heroes of yesteryear have made America that great nation it is today. Without the brave men and women who fought our country, we would not enjoy the freedom that we so cherish. Even though the history of World War II contains tragic stories of sacrifice, these people did not fight, live, and die in vain. Instead, they have left a legacy that has been woven into the very fabric of our lives.

On this gallery page, you’ll find a number of photos that depict the countless tales of hardship and triumph. In each shot you’ll find countless American war hero stories just waiting to be told. Jon Meade, Author has photographed various locations, statues, and other artifacts that take us back in time to the Greatest Generation. These men and women persevered under some of the most difficult circumstances and knew what it was like to think “beyond themselves” -- but to the future.

Here, you’ll find photos of Jon’s uncle who fought in WWII and was a POW in the Philippines and Japan. By viewing these rare photos, we hope that his story will touch your heart and help you remember that you should never give up the fight -- no matter what. Learn more about John the book, “Conquered in Corregidor, Unconquered as Hero” by visiting About the Book page.


A Tribute of Recognition

I would like to publicly acknowledge the fantastic job all the various museums, shrines, memorials, and displays have done to preserve World War II history -- particularly Corregidor and the Bataan Death March -- for the world to see. This massive effort deserves recognition and should you visit the Philippines, or appreciate their work, please lend your support by letter and/or contribution to help maintain maintenance costs.

Sacrifice didn't stop when the war ended, but continued through the services the Philippines has offered and enshrined.

-- Jon

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