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Read "Conquered In Corregidor, Unconquered As Hero"


Take the time to read a fascinating true American war hero story in the Philippines.  Jon Meade's new book will help you understand the values of the United States of America, why we promote our values around the world, and how special people have demonstrated our values under extreme duress. Learn what it truly means to be a hero. America is great because of its patriotic citizens and the sacrifices they make on America's behalf around the world under our flag of red, white, and blue.

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Then & Now

There are two distinct parts to Jon's book. It contains his uncle's biography and his war memoirs, and it also contains the details of two trips Jon made to the Philippines. Jon traced his uncle's tracks when he was there during World War II from the beginning of the Bataan Death March. It's a story that will inspire you to survive against all odds.

Many have said it brought tears to their eyes from Dick's biography, and tears and laughter from my two visits to the Philippines. Jon is very passionate and wants to engage people on the question of living fully.

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A Unique Spliced Picture from the Bataan Death March Bataan Atrocities Along the March Tribute to Philippine Heroes Japanese Headstone Commemorating Heroes

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Jon's Marches

Read about Jon's two simulated marches that he took himself without food or water in over 100-degree temperatures. His first march was a partial trip, and on his second march, he went the full distance. Jon analyzed and discovered aspects of the Filipino people that illuminated his knowledge of military history in the Philippines, and he presents his story with both humor and sadness.

When Jon was looking for veterans to interview, he found none on his first trip. So all the interviews and pictures come from his second trip to the Philippines. He explored the culture and the society, and he found sadness still exists when he interviewed the Filipino people.

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